Incognito and Lingual braces in Bath

For people looking for a completely discreet way to straighten their teeth Incognito offers a modern, and completely invisible option. Our Bath Orthodontists place the brackets discretely on the back of the teeth, in the reverse fashion to traditional ‘train tracks,’ making it virtually impossible to see the treatment. This means incognito treatment is a popular option for people who want to straighten their teeth, and go about their lives without the inconvenience of traditional braces. 

Incognito Lingual braces

Incognito is the latest advance in lingual braces. The gold brackets are  100% fully customised to the inside of your teeth, enabling them to give a precise treatment result. The low profile bracket makes it one of the most comfortable lingual braces around.

Treatment can take up to two years, however most of our patients will notice an improvement in just a few months. Incognito lingual braces are suitable for all age groups –children, adolescents and adults who want to correct their tooth position.

Incognito Lite Lingual Braces

For simple cases, we can straighten your front teeth in usually a matter of months.

Choosing your clinician

Our orthodontist is a qualified specialist in orthodontics and limits her practice to only orthodontic care. We look after patients from Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.

Before beginning treatment with Incognito braces, our orthodontists at Bath Orthodontics, conduct a complete assessment of your oral health. We use the latest CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and robotic technologies to fabricate your braces with your unique treatment prescription built in. This means the Incognito brackets are 100% customised to your exact requirements, which means they are a comfortable, enjoyable and effective treatment.

Before any treatment commences we will provide you with a full treatment plan detailing the costs and the procedure so you are in full control of your care.

How do I take it further?

If you would like to discuss the options available in more detail call us today on 01225466086 to arrange your a consultation. We will be able to discuss all your suitable options in detail and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Before and After

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Patient 2

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Patient 6


  • Braces are 100% invisible
  • No risk of damage (decalcification) to the front of your tooth surfaces
  • 100% customised brackets for a more comfortable treatment
  • 0% finance available

What are the alternatives:

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.