Dental plans

At Edgar Buildings Dental & Implant Clinic we are aware of the demands made on your hard-earned incomes, balanced with meeting your own, individual aspirations about the way you look and enjoy life.

We realise you appreciate the importance of maintaining your dental treatment, and that it needs to be matched with an equally painless financial plan tailor-made to suit your circumstances.

Which is why we are pleased to offer denplan, which provides you with high-quality dental care at the affordable price. This covers what we regard as the essential components of a programme designed to ensure you have peace of mind – and all that’s necessary for healthy teeth.

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Payment options

At Edgar Buildings Dental and Implant Clinic we do not want the barrier to healthy teeth and gums to be financial. Once you have met our team and had an estimate on the treatment plan, we can discuss various methods of payment to suit your needs.We can offer interest free payment terms subject to status.

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    The practice and team

    Here at Edgar Buildings Dental and Implant Clinic we believe in a personal approach to dentistry, an approach that is focused on service, expertise and puts the patients first.